Bulk Trash Collection Schedule & Guidelines

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please note that Brentwood, Brentwood West and 4100 Condominium Associations, originally Zone 22 on the East map, will temporarily switch to Zone 24 bulk pickup service collections which occur the fourth Saturday of every month until further notice.

NEW! 2022 Solid Waste Service Guide

Solid Waste Service Guide

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The new 2022 bulk trash schedules are now available. To learn more, please view the 2022 Solid Waste Service Guide which contains all residential new service dates and other materials for garbage, bulk, condo/multifamily pickups, household hazardous waste, electronics recycling, shred-a-thons, commercial services and construction and demolition debris. 

Bulk Trash Schedules

The date of your new bulk collection depends on whether you live in the designated West, Central or East map zone (see links below). 

Each zone has a designated week. Please note that single-family bulk collection is one day per month. The Condo/Multifamily schedule is located on both maps.

2022 Bulk Trash Collection Map and Schedule: 

Single-family bulk collection is one day per month. The 2022 Condo/Multifamily pickup dates are as follows: 

  • 02/03/22 - 02/05/22
  • 05/05/22 - 05/7/22
  • 08/04/22 - 08/06/22
  • 11/03/22 - 11/05/22 

Find Your Bulk Trash Date

Visit the FIND YOUR BULK TRASH DATE page to find your bulk schedule by simply putting in your address, hit the enter key, and click on the map when it appears, and the day and dates of your bulk pickup will pop up.

Bulk Waste Requirements: 

  • Bulk pickup occurs once per month anytime between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on your designated date of the month.
  • Bulk piles should be placed in a location that facilitates safe collection - away from cars, mailboxes, trees, and overhead wires.
  • Bulk should not exceed 15 cubic yards (or about the size of a small car). 
  • Tree limbs and trunks should not exceed 5' in length or 75 lbs. in weight. 
  • Piles of leaves or other loose material must be placed in plastic bags and weigh no more than 50 lbs.
  • For safety reasons, mirrors, glass, glass tabletops, windowpanes, and plate glass items must be safely placed in a rigid container and taped for safe collection. 
  • Curbside residents who receive the monthly bulk pickup services can put bulk out starting the immediate Sunday before their scheduled bulk date. Please note, individuals living in an HOA/COA  may have different rules in place. If your HOA/COA has different requirements, please adhere to their regulations. 

Broward County Residential Drop-Off Center (RDOC)

The Town of Davie is a participating municipality in the Broward County Residential Drop-off program which includes Household Hazardous waste, bulk and yard waste, and residential electronics recycling. Please bring a photo ID and proof of Davie residency. 

Davie residents can utilize any of Broward County’s RDOC. The closest location is the Central Drop-off Center located at 5490 Reese Road, Davie, FL 33314. The site is open weekly every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

The municipal solid waste changes do not impact the services being offered by the County.

For additional information, please visit https://www.broward.org/WasteAndRecycling/WasteDisposal/Pages/DropOffCenters.aspx