Executive Orders

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Town of Davie Emergency Regulation Orders - COVID-19

OrdersIssue DateNotes
Emergency Regulations Order 20-04April 9, 2020Select Davie Parks Reopen
Emergency Regulations Order 20-03April 6, 2020Facial Coverings
Emergency Regulations Order 20-02March 27, 2020Safer-At-Home Order
Emergency Regulations Order 20-01March 18, 2020Closure of Entertainment Facilities

*Please note all Davie Parks are now open for passive use. 

Broward County Emergency Orders - COVID-19

OrdersIssue DateNotes
Emergency Order 21-01April 19, 2021New amendments to the Comprehensive Emergency Order reduce COVID-19 restrictions.
Emergency Order 20-29December 14, 2020Clarifies previously amended requirements and restrictions. 
Emergency Order 20-27October 1, 2020Clarifies requirements for establishments that serve food and/or alcohol.
Emergency Order 20-26September 25, 2020Amended Requirements
Emergency Order 20-25September 25, 2020Relaxes some business, athletic events, and function space restrictions including banquet halls and other event spaces.
Emergency Order 20-23July 29, 2020Extends curfew; clarifies other orders
Emergency Order 20-22July 17, 2020New restrictions to help curtail large social gatherings, including house parties, street parties and other activities that are contributing to community spread of the virus.
Emergency Order 20-21July 8, 2020Broward County increases its regulatory efforts and increase penalties for those who violate emergency orders.
Emergency Order 20-20July 1, 2020Modifies facial covering requirements; limits hours for restaurants.
Emergency Order 20-19June 29, 2020Closure of Broward County beaches over the Fourth of July weekend.
Emergency Order 20-18June 24, 2020Outlines penalties for establishments that fail to comply with Emergency Orders mandating sanitization, social distancing, facial coverings and other requirements intended to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.
Emergency Order 20-17June 12, 2020Retail establishments and restaurants to post signage containing information regarding sanitization, social distancing, and facial covering requirements.
Emergency Order 20-16June 10, 2020Local pari-mutuel facilities can open Friday, June 12, 2020
Emergency Order 20-15June 5, 2020Customized approach to reopening Broward County that incorporates guidelines and requirements for safe operations for opened businesses, amenities and services, based on local conditions.
Emergency Order 20-14May 30, 2020Further addresses Phase 1 reopening guidelines to slightly expand beach activities, clarify the use of community rooms, expand massage establishment services beyond those medically necessary and allow tattoo establishments to open
Emergency Order 20-13May 22, 2020Broward Expands Phase I Reopening - Beaches, gyms and hotels can reopen with restrictions Tuesday, May 26
Emergency Order 20-12May 21, 2020County takes steps to further reopen
Emergency Order 20-11May 16, 2020Clarifies some language from Emergency Order 20-10
Emergency Order 20-10May 14, 2020Begin Phase 1 of the reopening plans. Allows limited non-essential businesses throughout Broward County to reopen. 
Emergency Order 20-09May 7, 2020

Extends the existing closure of Broward County beaches and clarifies that marinas, boat docks, ramps, and other launching venues in Parks in Broward County may operate consistent with the guidelines set out in the previous order.

Emergency Order 20-08April 28, 2020Allows for the reopening of recreational facilities on a limited basis. This order allows for municipalities to be more restrictive than Broward County pertaining to facilities reopening and the guidelines for operation.
Emergency Order 20-07April 10, 2020Urging residents to wear a facial covering when visiting essential businesses for services and are required for those who are providing essential services during in-person interactions with the public.
Emergency Order 20-06April 9, 2020Clarifies essential businesses and essential services, as well as encourages essential businesses to provide enhanced sanitary practices at their locations
Emergency Order 20-05April 3, 2020Closure of pools, pool decks, party rooms, hot tubs, golf courses, tennis
Emergency Order 20-04March 30, 2020Golf course, movie theater, marina, and real estate services defined
Emergency Order 20-03March 26, 2020Urging residents to shelter in place
Emergency Order 20-02March 23, 2020Facility Closures
Emergency Order 20-01March 22, 2020Closure of nonessential Businesses

Governor Ron DeSantis Executive Orders - COVID-19

OrdersIssue DateNotes
Executive Order 21-102May 3, 2021Suspending All Remaining Local Government Mandates and Restrictions Based on the COVID-19 State of Emergency.
Executive Order 21-46February 26, 2021Vaccine Administration/Protecting Florida's Seniors
Executive Order 21-45February 26, 2021Extension of Executive Order 20-52
Executive Order 20-244September 25, 2020Places Florida into Phase 3 of the State's COVID-19 Recovery Plan
Executive Order 20-179July 29, 2020Local Government Public Meetings
Executive Order 20-166July 8, 2020State of Emergency Extended
Executive Order 20-122May 14, 2020Phase 1: Plan for Florida’s Recovery
Executive Order 20-95April 6, 2020Documentary Stamps for SBA Loans
Executive Order 20-94April 2, 2020Mortgage Foreclosure and Eviction Relief
Executive Order 20-93April 2, 2020Reemployment Assistance Program
Executive Order 20-92April 1, 2020Essential Services and Activities During COVID-19 Emergency
Executive Order 20-91April 1, 2020Essential Services and Activities During COVID-19 Emergency
Executive Order 20-90March 31, 2020Broward and Palm Beach County Closures
Executive Order 20-89March 30, 2020Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Monroe County Public Access Restrictions
Executive Order 20-88March 30, 2020Reemployment of Essential Personnel
Executive Order 20-87March 27, 2020Vacation Rental Closures
Extended on Executive Order 20-103
Executive Order 20-86March 27, 2020Additional Requirements of Certain Individuals Traveling to Florida
Executive Order 20-85March 26, 2020Telehealth and Immunizations for State Group Insurance 
Executive Order 20-83Mach 24, 2020Protective Measures for Vulnerable Populations, Gatherings of Private Citizens and Density of the Workforce
Executive Order 20-82March 24, 2020Isolation of Individuals Traveling to Florida
Executive Order 20-80
March 23, 2020Airport Screening and Isolation
Executive Order 20-72March 20, 2020Non-essential Elective Medical Procedures
Executive Order 20-71March 20, 2020Alcohol Sales, Restaurants, and Gyms
Executive Order 20-70March 20, 2020Broward and Palm Beach County Closures
Executive Order 20-69
March 20, 2020Local Government Public Meetings
Executive Order 20-68March 17, 2020Operation of bars, beaches and nightclubs
Executive Order 20-52March 9, 2020COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
Executive Order 20-51March 1, 2020Response Protocol and Directs Public Health Emergency