Live Fire Training

Live Fire TrainingFlashover is one of the most-feared phenomena among firefighters. Davie firefighters are taught to how to recognize fire rollovers, flashovers and avoid backdrafts. For example, they have certain routines for opening a closed door in a building on fire, such as positioning adjacent to the door instead of in front of it, and to be ready to fight any advent of shooting flames. For this reason, the department conducts flashover training which incorporates classroom time as well as hands on training utilizing a flashover prop. The flashover prop makes for a realistic type of “controlled” flashover helping eliminate most of the dangers. A firefighter has approximately 2 seconds to evacuate from a flashover environment, even if wearing proper firefighting approved gear.

A flashover is the simultaneous ignition of most of the directly exposed combustible materials in an enclosed area. Flashover occurs when the majority of the exposed surfaces in a space are heated to their auto-ignition temperature and emit flammable gases. Flashover normally occurs at about 1,100 °F. When the temperatures of the evolved gases become high enough, these gases will ignite, throughout their extent. This is one of the most dangerous situations that a firefighter will ever encounter. Davie firefighters are trained to aptly recognize these dire and rapidly changing fire conditions. Maintaining these recognition and readiness skills are paramount to remaining safe and avoiding injury or worse on a fire scene.