Dive Team

The Davie Rescue Dive Rescue Team was established in 1990 and now consists of 30 members, one of which serves as a dive instructor. All team members are qualified as a Public Safety Diver and Dive Rescue One certified by Dive Rescue International. The team re- certifies every three years and must continuously demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Dive Rescue training was conducted throughout the year and held either in a swimming pool and/or a local lake. The training consisted of basic skills and equipment familiarization to more advanced type training exercises tDive Training 2hat requires the use of mannequins and vehicle props to help create realistic water emergency scenarios.

The dive equipment used by the team is the latest and most advanced type of equipment used for dive rescue emergencies today. It consists of light weight bottles with a small buoyancy vest making donning of equipment quick and easy for rapid deployment.

This condensed equipment makes rescue operations to and from a submerged vehicle less strenuous for the diver. The diver is also equipped with a full-face dive mask to improve the field of view underwater while also including underwater communications which provide the diver the ability to talk to other divers and to shore based operations