Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The Town of Davie strives to be the preeminent community in South Florida to live, work, learn, and play while treasuring our preserved natural settings.

Purpose Statement

To provide leadership and excellent, customer-driven services to our diverse community with integrity and respect.


  • Customer Driven
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Respect

Strategic Priorities

  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
  • Dedication to Excellence in Service Delivery
  • Respecting and Promoting Diverse and Sustainable Community and Neighborhood Values with consideration of our historic roots
  • Creating an Environment that is Conducive to Innovation, Creativity, and Collaboration
  • Nurturing the health, safety, and welfare of the community

The Plan

The Davie Town Council passed the Town’s first comprehensive Strategic Plan in 2010. The Town Council’s approval of the plan is the culmination of a two-year holistic town-wide effort.


Strategic planning is essential for the success of an organization. The Town of Davie’s Strategic Plan outlines the organization’s mission and enables the development of a long-range policy agenda based upon the values and the purpose of the Town.  These items were developed by the Town Council with the assistance of Town staff and are a reflection of community stakeholders’ feedback. Input was received from various stakeholders via surveys—citizens, businesses, and employees—as well as via community meetings—Town Administrator’s outreach. The Strategic Plan also acts as a mechanism to guide the Town during the budgetary process in the allocation of resources for programs, projects, capital projects, and personnel.  In essence with its ties to the budget process, the Strategic Plan enables the Town to achieve financial sustainability.

Department Cooperation

In order to achieve the Strategic Priorities, as defined by the Town Council, each department developed Business and Marketing Plans. Each department’s plan dovetails into the overall Strategic Plan. Measurable Strategic Outcomes and Key Performance Indicators were developed to ensure that the operation of each department contributes toward bringing the strategic Mission of the Town to life. Department Business and Marketing Plans are updated annually and serve as tools for short term planning to achieve the Town’s Strategic Priorities.

The Town’s Mission, Strategic Priorities, Strategic Plan, Business and Marketing Plans are living or organic documents, which are reviewed and updated periodically in order to meet the needs of the Town’s stakeholders in an ever-changing environment.