Election Information

Referendum Election November 3, 2020

The Town of Davie will hold a Referendum Election on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. The Referendum Election will have proposed Charter Amendment Ballot Questions. To view the ballot questions with a summary explanation, click in the language link below:

Click Here: English Referendum Election Ballot Questions and Summary

Click Here: Spanish Referendum Election Ballot Questions and Summary

Click Here: Creole Referendum Election Ballot Questions and Summary

Ballot Sample: Town of Davie Charter Amendment Ballot Questions


Offices Up for Election in November 8, 2022

Mayor (At-large)

District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4

Office Terms

Members of the Town Council elected in November 2018 will serve for a period of four (4) years and subsequently elected every November of even numbered years. (See Town of Davie Charter)

Qualifying for Office

Candidates must be qualified electors in the Town; and have resided in the district at least (6) month prior to qualifying.
Pursuant to 99.095, Florida Statutes, a person seeking to qualify for nomination to any office may qualify to have their name placed on the ballot by means of the petitioning process.


**You must make an appointment with the qualifying officer the Town Clerk, Mrs. Evelyn Roig, in order to submit qualifying packets. Please contact the Town Clerk at (954)797-1023 or by email Evelyn_Roig@davie-fl.gov**

Qualifying and Assessment Fees (99.093(1),F.S.)

A qualifying fee of 3% plus a 1% election assessment fee both equal to the annual salary must be paid at the time the candidate qualifies for office.

For additional information you may also contact the Deputy Town Clerk at (954)797-1018 or by email Gillian_Brewsteri@davie-fl.gov