Davie Road Marketing Study

Davie Road Marketing Study Cover

Table of Contents

Davie Acknowledgements
List of Contributors
Section I
Aerial Map (PDF)
Figure 1.2
1.9 MB PDF File
Revised Map (PDF)
Revised Davie CRA Map
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Section II (PDF)
Market Analysis
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Section III
Public Planning Process
Section IV (PDF)
Marketing Plan
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Section V
Davie Consulting
Project Consultants
Claritas (PDF)
PMG Executive Summary
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Listing (PDF)
Restaurants by Distance
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Exhibit 3.1 (PDF)
Stakeholder Questionnaire
PDF File
Minutes of the Stakeholder Meeting
January 24, 2002 (PDF)

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Minutes of the Stakeholder Meeting
May 30, 2003 (PDF)

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Exhibit 4.1 (PDF)
Inventory of Land Uses in Davie Road Area
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Exhibit 4.2
Payment In-Lieu-Of Parking for Residential
and Non-Residential Uses
Exhibit 4.3
Shared Parking Regulations
Bus Route (PDF)
Bus Route and Time Table
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Conceptual Drawing
Artist Rendering of Davie Road Development
Ground Floor (PDF)
Ground Floor Plan
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Second Floor (PDF)
Second Floor Plan
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Exhibit 4.6
Summary of Events in Davie, Florida
Competitive Map (PDF)
Davie Competitive Market Map
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Exhibit 4.8 (PDF)
Request for Development Proposals
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Letter (PDF)
Land Supply Inventory / RAC Data
Letter to Kathleen R. Gonot, PMG Associates, Inc.
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Building Types
Images of Building Types