Section I



The Davie CRA selected the Team of PMG Associates, Inc. and Civic Design Associates to develop a Market Study – Development Advisory Program for the Davie Road area of the agency’s boundary.  The purpose of this study is to conduct an analysis of the market that impacts the Davie Road area and to prepare recommendations that would lead to an overall marketing program for the corridor.  A specific analysis is also conducted for the one-acre parcel owned by the CRA.


The general location of the study area is the portion of Davie Road that coincides with the CRA boundaries.  The CRA begins at approximately SW 39th Street and extends to just south of Griffin Road.  The boundaries also extend to the west approximately one block from Davie Road.  The eastern boundary extends to the Florida Turnpike.

Reason for the Study

The Davie Road area has experienced a decline over the years as other competitive markets have seized a greater market share.  Reasons for this increased market share are the improved transportation access and concentrations of commercial activity.  Davie Road was the initial commercial center for the Town, as well as the western portion of Broward County.  However, the corridor has not expanded with the growth of Broward.  The Western Theme architecture was approved with the intent of creating an identity for the corridor.  This architectural treatment has been received with divergent opinion and acceptance.

The CRA has undergone a streetscape program designed to improve the aesthetics and functioning of the business activity.  Other plans have included revisions to the Land Development Code to make construction in the area more flexible.  These actions are the beginning of a strategy for the CRA.  These elements must be combined with other technical and design analyses to generate a comprehensive plan for the future.

One specific item in the Scope of Services is the development of a marketing plan for the one-acre site on Davie Road owned by the CRA.  The recommendations include plans for redevelopment and an action plan.

Study Approach

The methodology for this study includes a collection of input from stakeholders throughout the community.  These “visions” of Davie were included with the technical analysis to develop an overall plan.

Technical studies include a Market Demand Analysis, Analysis of Trends, Customer Profile, and Redevelopment Strategies.

The report identifies all of the analysis and any conclusions and recommendations that can be derived from the data and conditions.