Section III

Public Planning Process

A.   Background of the Planning/Public Input Process

The Consultants initiated the investigative process with a series of interviews with stakeholders in the Davie community, followed by research of the economics of the Davie marketplace. Recognizing the importance of public input and involvement in the planning process, the CRA and its consultants sought to maximize the amount of public input particularly during the initial stages of the process. This was accomplished through interviews with residents, business owners, educational institution administrators, and governmental administrators. The results of the interviews are summarized in Paragraph B, below. The plan presented in this document is a synthesis of the many ideas expressed in the interviews.

Prior to the Consultants’ research on the project, the CRA held two “Stakeholder” meetings in Davie; one on January 24, 2002 and a second on May 30, 2002. The results of these meetings are summarized below.

B.    Stakeholder Interviews

During the months of April, May, and June of 2003 the Consultants from PMG Associates and Civic Design Associates conducted approximately 30 “stakeholder” interviews. Each interview consisted of twenty-nine prepared questions and each interview lasted approximately one hour. The interviews were very important in helping the Consultants discover the key issues and in giving the stakeholders an understanding of the strategic planning assignment. The results of each interview are available for review. Those interviewed included the following:

  1. Joan Kovac, Chairperson, CRA and Goodyear Business Owner
  2. Irene Felton, CRA Commissioner
  3. Amy Rose, CRA Commissioner
  4. Bob Boegli, CRA Commissioner and McFatter Administrator
  5. Neal R. Kalis, CRA Commissioner and Attorney, Business Owner
  6. Bob Legg, Davie Economic Council, Engineer, Business Owner
  7. Mark Engel, CRA Commissioner, Architect, Business Owner
  8. Mary M. Earnest, CRA Commissioner, Attorney, Business Owner
  9. Thomas A. Truex, Mayor and Attorney, Business Owner
  10. Susan Starkey, Councilmember
  11. Lisa Hubert, Councilmember
  12. Judy Paul, Councilmember
  13. Michael Crowley, Councilmember and Water Management District Administrator
  14. Thomas J. Willi, Town Administrator
  15. Kenneth Cohen, Assistant Town Administrator
  16. Marcie Nolan, Planner, Town of Davie
  17. Margaret Wu, Economic Development, Town of Davie
  18. Bonnie Stafiej, Events, Town of Davie
  19. Alice Harrington, Davie Chamber of Commerce
  20. Al Griffin, Grif’s Western Store, Business Owner
  21. William Phillips, Retired and Resident
  22. Ron Bergeron, Rancher and Construction Business Owner
  23. Cindy Osborne, Hardware Store Business Owner
  24. Thomas Gill, Realtor, Business Owner
  25. Terry Santini, CPA, Business Owner
  26. Ernest Unterecker, Lums Restaurant, Business Owner
  27. George Hanbury, Nova Southeastern University
  28. Wayne Arnold, Downtown Association and Resident
  29. Mark L. Schmidt, Developer
  30. Harvey K. Mattel, Developer and Attorney
  31. Doug Millard, Dairy Queen and Day Care, Business Owner
  32. Robert Shapiro, Developer

The results of the interviews revealed several key issues. These are summarized as follows (not in order of preference but grouped into categories):

General Ideas

  • Davie Road is Davie’s downtown;
  • Need to bring the community together;
  • Need programs for the elderly;
  • Davie children should have priority for all grades at the Nova schools;
  • Need to develop economic growth;
  • Davie should be a college town;
  • Keep the original vision of Davie, small-town character;
  • Crime and vandalism is a problem in some areas;
  • Need a church on Davie Road; give the small town flavor;
  • Davie could be the artsy town; more flavor than its neighboring towns;
  • Many long time property owners are skeptical of new vision; will not invest in their own buildings;
  • Must figure out a way to attract the westerners to downtown;
  • Davie is known as the “education town;”
  • Really don’t think about Davie Road as the center; it’s the campus that is the center;
  • The Academic Village will be the new town center of Davie

Davie Road

  • Davie Road needs to be more pedestrian-friendly;
  • Just because Davie Road is better looking, don’t expect people to walk;
  • Need community policing on Davie Road
  • Davie Road is definitely the “downtown”;
  • Davie Road is the downtown for me but the Davie residents to the west may not consider it downtown;
  • Traffic calming is needed on Davie Road; too much speeding;
  • Landscaped medians should be placed in the middle of Davie Road;
  • Pedestrian retail won’t work; people don’t shop like that anymore;

Mixed-Use Residential

  • I could see a mixed-use street like Las Olas;
  • Residential on Davie Road will help the retail and visa versa;
  • Need affordable residential particularly for the employees of the educational institutions and other businesses;
  • Need higher-income living in Davie to support the retail on Davie Road;
  • Mixed-use projects are the wave of the future;
  • The jury is still out on mixed-use;
  • High-end residential will not work;
  • Would be attractive to childless households who want to be near the university;
  • Redevelopment should be without parking garages. They change the scale of things;
  • Art lofts;

Land Development Regulations

  • Too many requirements for downtown businesses;
  • Western theme is too specific;
  • Western theme should be flexible;
  • Western Theme is a mistake;
  • Western Theme gives us character; it is what we are;
  • Redo the land development regulations so that development is easier;
  • Rent control housing for the lower-income;
  • Parking in the rear is a good idea; gets the cars out of the way and pedestrians in the front;
  • Parking in the rear is a bad idea; parking should be in the front. More convenient like a regular shopping center;


  • Height should be 4 to five stores;
  • Height limited to 1 to 2 stories;
  • Height should be 3 story maximum;
  • Height should be 8 t 10 stories;
  • Not concerned with height; not an issue;


  • Parking requirements are too strict;
  • Parking in the rear of buildings is good; promotes a pedestrian front;
  • Parking should be in the rear of the buildings, out of the way;
  • Parking should be in the front of the buildings;
  • We do not have a parking problem on Davie Road;
  • When redevelopment comes, we will have a parking problem;
  • The Bergeron parking lot should be redeveloped;
  • The town needs to build more public parking;
  • Nova is short of parking; could use the park and ride system to Nova from Rodeo Grounds;
  • Campus people do not leave the Campus for fear of losing a parking space;
  • Parking code too conservative; need to reduce requirements;
  • I wish we had a parking problem;


  • Nova Southeastern University does not use Davie Road retail; they use University Drive retail;
  • Use the college students as a building block for new retail; students really don’t shop on Davie Road;
  • Lack of supply of good space for retail;
  • Need more sit-down restaurants;
  • Need a Barnes and Noble bookstore on Davie Road for the College;
  • We need clothing stores for our children, especially girls;
  • We need a magnet business on Davie Road; an anchor;
  • We need better neighborhood shopping on Davie Road;
  • There are too many fast food restaurants; Davie Road is fast food, University is real food; Fast food dominates;
  • Outdoor cafes;
  • Losing Winn Dixie on Davie Road was a big loss;
  • After 6:00 pm nothing is open;
  • Need bakery, bagels, Starbucks;
  • Students eat at the various cafeterias on campus;


  • Small professional office corridor on Davie Road;
  • More buildings like the recently constructed office on Davie Road;

Events and Promotion

  • Davie Road needs its own events;
  • Events are great for our business downtown;
  • There are too many events in Broward County; a lot of competition;
  • Orange Blossom must be retained by the City and Chamber; return to the success of its past;
  • City does an outstanding job of promoting events;
  • Davie Road is a natural for events; close it off sometimes;
  • Events are good but not at the expense of local businesses;
  • Need more events;
  • Film Festival with the University;
  • Music needs to be heard on the street to attract new people;
  • Car show every Friday night at the Tower Shops; it should be on Davie Road;
  • Partner with the Chamber of Commerce;
  • Art Shows;

Town Hall and Other Civic Institutions

  • We should move Town Hall to Davie Road;
  • We should not move Town Hall; it should be fixed-up;
  • A charter school could use the public property at Town Hall;
  • Need a new Boy’s and Girl’s Club near McFatter;
  • Davie children should have a priority at Nova schools;
  • A charter school should be built on the Town Hall site if it moves;
  • Need an educational center teaching children and adults about animals;
  • Need a plaza with a fountain-like City Place;


  • Transit is a key to linking the educational campus to Davie Road retail;
  • Transit system takes too long to get to your destination;
  • Students do not use the bus system;
  • Need something on Davie Road to go to;
  • My daughter takes the bus to BCC; harder to get back;
  • The transit bus should have character, sympathetic to the character of the Town;

Rodeo Grounds

  • Arena is a signature of the community;
  • Facility is very good for certain events;
  • Better to pay Mr. Bergeron his contribution and be able to have more flexibility in the use of the grounds;
  • Not enough demand for rodeos;
  • Too rustic, needs improvements;
  • Should use the arena more for children, such as a summer camp;


  • Need a massive number of projects on Davie Road;
  • Must have residential in the redevelopment projects;
  • Winn Dixie site is a great redevelopment site;
  • Neighborhoods going low income; hurting Davie Road;
  • Should redevelop Rodeo Grounds;
  • Need incentives for redevelopment; for upgrades;

C.   CRA Public Workshops

The CRA conducted recently two public workshops with citizens, property owners, and business owners. The workshops occurred on

January 24, 2002, and May 30, 2002. The purpose of the workshops was to solicit ideas about how to best market, advertise and promote Downtown Davie. The following describes a summary of the meetings.

1.  January 24, 2002, Workshop

  • Target the market for college students;
  • Old Winn Dixie site was key to redevelopment;
  • Need sports bar like Armadillo Café;
  • Place for entertainment like at Beach Place;
  • Coffee Shop;
  • Create a “Davie Day’s” event;
  • Create a “Welcome Back to Downtown Davie”;
  • Incentives to businesses for relocation to Davie;
  • Must have land for someone to purchase;
  • Brochure of available property;
  • Make the Orange Blossom Festival big;
  • CRA to facilitate development;
  • Stagecoach on Friday night event;
  • Coupon Booklet;
  • Close off Davie Road for a family event with bands, beer trucks, horses and orange crate races;
  • Cattle drive to the Rodeo Grounds;
  • Exotic fruit tree shows;
  • Horse shows;
  • Quarterly music event;
  • Professional marketer;
  • After school summer camp at Rodeo Grounds;
  • Auto show;
  • Web site for downtown;

2.  May 30, 2003, Workshop

  • Priority projects include the Winn Dixie site, website, public parking lot, sidewalks on 63rd Avenue, “Welcome Back/Davie Day” event, professional marketer, after-school summer camp at Rodeo Grounds, CRA to contribute to Orange Blossom Festival, coupon booklet;
  • Develop a marketing program; should be some type of family-oriented event;
  • Market the CRA property on Davie Road;
  • Race competition between the universities;

D.   Constraints and Opportunities in the Study Area

The businesses on Davie Road are facing a number of issues that currently prevent it from reaching its full potential as a thriving and growing commercial center. These constraints must be addressed so that the many opportunities that do exist in the area can be reinforced and strengthened.

The following is a discussion concerning the opportunities and constraints of Downtown Davie. Many of the comments in this section were derived from the opinions and comments of the stakeholders interviewed by the consultants.


  1. The Davie Road corridor is not fully appreciated as a shopping location. It is fragmented in its presentation of the types of goods and services offered. It competes with shopping centers such as those found on University Drive, which are the main attractions of the area. The stores are interrupted by gas stations and fast food establishments and office buildings.
  2. Need for greater pedestrian connections between residential neighborhoods and commercial areas;
  3. Lack of connection with the South Florida Educational Campus which is a commuter campus;
  4. Auto traffic and speed creates a hostile pedestrian environment on Davie Road;
  5. Traffic on Davie Road contains a large number of commuters traveling to and from other cities; Davie is considered a pass-through town; 
  6. Small parcels of land for redevelopment; commercial parcels are too shallow in depth;
  7. Poor architectural quality of much of the residential and commercial buildings;
  8. Lack of a variety of shopping and retail stores;
  9. Transient nature of the community; lack of “feeling of community.” No sense of a central place to identify with;
  10. Campus consumers eat at the various cafeterias on campus; they are self-contained;


  1. Davie Road could be perceived as a linear, continuous band of retail establishments, accented by a strong pedestrian sidewalk; it could be an urban village serving the surrounding single-family neighborhoods and the town as a whole;
  2. Davie Road could be the South Florida Educational Campus’s downtown.. It could have a strong link between the institutions, particularly the students, faculty and staff;
  3. Potential to redesign Davie Road as a mixed-use, a landscaped boulevard with shopping, living, and civic activities;
  4. Town Hall and Bergeron Rodeo Grounds are in the center of the community and could be expanded and enlivened; could have a window on Davie Road;
  5. Potential to construct infill housing and rehabilitate existing buildings;
  6. Potential to utilize the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds parking if shared with a new development;
  7. Potential for recreational activities on the Griffin Road canal;
  8. Strong but flexible design guidelines could enhance the quality of the area and make the area more desirable;
  9. Potential redevelopment sites for new development;
  10. The Rodeo Grounds is a great location for certain kinds of events;
  11. Davie Road could be a great parade street for events;
  12. Small professional office corridor on Davie Road; more personal and accessible;