Get information about Baseball and T-Ball seasons.

Basketball Instruction

CBBA is a fundamentals based program. Athletes will train on every fundamental skill and aspect of the game. Training sessions consist of highly intensive fundamental stations, small group games, speed, agility and conditioning.


Cheer your team to victory with the Town's Flag Cheerleading program.

Flag Football

Learn the basics of football while participating in the community's Flag Football program. 

Sports Alerts

View the latest sports alerts for the Town of Davie.


PickleBall is one of the fastest growing recreational sports in America. Don't miss out on playing the hottest new sport court game!

Play Ball

Davie youth sports offers opportunities to play in different sports year round to enhance and build positive recreational experiences and healthy lifelong habits.

Recreational Basketball

Recreational Basketball  

Recreational Soccer

Winter Soccer 

Tennis Instruction

Learn the principals of Tennis with Davie.

Volunteer Coaching

Volunteer to coach one of the recreational activities enjoyed in the community.