Sustainable Davie

This is a resource to guide for Town of Davie citizens towards creating and maintaining environmental harmony to support present and future generations and ensure the greatest environmental, economic and social impact in the community.

Awards and Recognitions - View the awards, recognition, grants, and milestone presentations for Davie's efforts on behalf of the environment. Link to pageParks, Open Space & Trails - Find more information about the parks, open space and equestrian and recreational trails in the Town of Davie. Link to pageSustainability Action Plan - The town formally enacted the sustainability action plan in June 2011 to set specific, attainable goals, objectives, and policies to protect, conserve, and improve the environment and our community. Link to page
Community Outreach - Learn more about the Green Housing Initiative, how to green your business, Florida-friendly landscaping, and more! Link to pagePublic Transportation - Discover more about the green initiatives the Town participates in, like outreach, partnerships, and leadership through various departments. Link to pageWater Conservation - Learn about initiatives of the town of Davie and others to ensure that we use our water efficiently and thoughtfully. Water is a natural resource we cannot live without, and it is our job as a community to help conserve what we have for future generations. Link to page

Energy & Air Quality - Learn how to save energy and understand the air quality. Link to pageRecycling Information - View information about the trash, bulk pickup and recycling in the Town of Davie. Link to pageWildlife Conservation & Protection - Learn about wildlife habitat certification,  what to do for wildlife- Injured or orphaned, protected, regulated or nuisance, and the iguana invasion. Link to page
Green Initiatives - Discover more about the green initiatives the Town participates in, like outreach, partnerships, leadership, and through various departments. Link to pageRural & Farmlife - Agriculture, farming, and equestrian life are an important part of what makes Davie a unique town in south Florida. You can find useful information below on how to preserve and maintain your farm, as well as access vital information about community watch and hurricane preparation programs for residents with horses and livestock. Link to pageLink to the nomination form


Broward County Solar Co-op

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The solar co-op will help area homeowners and small business owners learn about solar together and purchase solar panels at a group rate from a single installer.

Together, co-op members will learn about solar energy and leverage their numbers to get competitive pricing and quality solar installations. After a competitive bidding process facilitated by SUN, a group of volunteers from the co-op will select a solar company to complete the co-op's installations. 

Joining a co-op does not obligate members to purchase solar or chargers. Instead, each member will have the option to individually purchase panels and electric vehicle chargers based on the installer's group rate.

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Broward County Solar Co-op