The Town’s Mission Statement was modified to include a reference to preservation of natural settings. It is, “The Town of Davie strives to be the preeminent community in South Florida to live, learn, work and play while treasuring our preserved natural settings” (Resolution-2009-82).

Town Council Actions

  • Town Council created the Agricultural and Environmental Advisory Committee.
  • The Town Council adopted requirements for “Florida-Friendly” landscaping practices and irrigation systems which promote water conservation and water quality improvement (Ordinance 2010-020).
  • The Town Council passed a resolution opposing offshore oil and natural gas drilling in Florida waters.  The resolution foresaw the future BP spill and its impact.
  • Town Council adopted an amendment to the Parks and Open Space Element of the Comprehensive Plan committing the Town to seeking to achieve tree canopy coverage of thirty percent (30%) or more by 2030.
  • Town Council adopted year-round water restrictions restricting irrigation to two days a week.
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Town Participation

  • The Town changed practices to purchase its own cleaning materials to ensure that only low impact chemicals are used. Cleaning fluids are mixed on site to help minimize the need for plastic bottles.
  • The Town’s local road master plan, adopted in 2009, promotes multi-modal uses through the inclusion of bicycle lanes and sidewalks in transportation projects.
  • The Town’s comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions inventory and sustainability action plan was completed and adopted in June 2011.
  • Toner cartridges are recycled and other end of life office supplies are auctioned annually.
  • Several areas of the Town have master plans in effect for future development encouraging alternative methods to the use of single-occupancy vehicles, creating healthful, vibrant neighborhoods that minimizing impacts to global
  • Administration and Planning and Zoning encourage sustainable practices in all new development and redevelopment.

Department Participation

  • Planning and Zoning has reduced the number of plan prints required for plan review on development projects.
  • Public Works Department implemented Town-wide office recycling program that will replace waste receptacles with recycle containers.
  • The Town’s Regional Activity Center land development regulations provide incentives for LEED practices; the Town’s transit-oriented corridor master plan also promotes sustainable practices.
  • Developing sustainability checklists for renovations and new construction.