• The Town established the annual green fair to promote green businesses and not-for profit green organizations.
  • The Town adopted an Urban Farming Initiative. The first major accomplishment is the creation of a public/private partnership to operate the Batten's Farmers Market and Davie Agri-Tourism Center.
  • The Town conducts outreach workshops three to four times a year with Homeowner’s Associations and various areas in the Town on how to take care of trees and how to prune them.
  • The Town organizes activities at local schools in celebration of “Arbor Day” throughout the month of April.
  • The Town promotes carpooling and ride sharing.
  • The Town provides sustainability articles through the Davie Update.
  • The Town has provided recycling opportunities for residents and businesses in public parks where they are able to recycle larger items that curbside receptacles cannot handle.


  • The Housing and Community Development Department launches a green housing initiative web page and resource guide entitled “What is Your Green Equity”.  This resource tool was designed to create awareness and educate our Davie residents on how they can make their homes more energy efficient.
  • The Town Council adopted the Sustainability Guide (PDF) to raise awareness of green building practices and serving as an educational resource for residents and developers.
  • The Town has a Davie Green web page, which provides links to sustainability policies and information from the Town of Davie.