butterfly cycle garden at edge of house

  • The Town was awarded the "Outstanding Forestry Program in Florida" from the Florida Urban Forestry Council and has led the efforts in keeping the Town a Tree City since 1991 with three of these years being Growth Award years (for extraordinary efforts to grow the program).
  • The Town has become a Silver LEED certified green local government by the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC), a non-profit organization working to improve the built environment.  The Town is now pursuing Gold Certification.
  • The Public Works department replaced many everyday household items (cleaning products, paper goods, light bulbs, etc.) with more “eco-friendly” alternatives.
  • Individual employees within the Town’s various buildings are conscientious about recycling, printing and copying duplex whenever possible; using ceramic mugs and plates rather than paper and plastic; shutting off lights in their department when not in use; saving documents electronically rather than printing them out (implementing paperless initiatives); and turning off their computer monitors after hours.

Events & Programs

  • Over the last three years, the Town has participated in all Earth Day Events as well as organize several Earth Day events each year.
  • The Town has implemented a Tree Legacy Program promoting the increase of tree canopy.
  • The Town Council committed $75,000 of CDBG-R funds towards an energy efficiency rehabilitation program. The program targeted low to middle income single family households providing repairs and improvements towards energy efficiency.

  • Welcoming Wildlife into Natural Davie (WWIND) is a group of volunteer employees, Town residents, and Town employees who work to certify homes, businesses and schools through the National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) Backyard Habitat program. In 2013 the Town became a NWF certified Community Wildlife Habitat and continue working with the community through the WWIND Team made of volunteer residents to maintain this certification.

Plans & Resolutions

  • The Town implemented the Sustainability Action Plan adopted in June 2011 following the priority matrix created for this plan.
  • The Town signed a resolution urging the Florida Legislature to allow municipalities to exercise home rule regarding the passage of retail bag regulations.
  • The Town also signed a resolution urging the Florida Legislature to repeal the “Early Cost Recovery” statute relating to electric utility charges for the sitting, design, licensing, and construction of nuclear plants.
  • The Green Energy & Environmental Committee (GEEC) was created in 2009. Their purpose is to provide recommendations to Town Council for the development and implementation of policies on renewable energy promotion and utilization, environmental protection, resource conservation, energy and water efficiency, waste reduction and recycling, and environmental and urban sustainability through the development of an actionable set of goals and strategies that can be implemented in a timely and cost effective manner. (Ordinance-2009-014), Green Energy & Environmental Committee (GEEC).