Missing Persons

The Davie Police Department is committed to assisting with the identification and recovery of missing persons and runaway juveniles.  While these cases are considered “non-criminal,” due to their nature they take investigative precedence over most other criminal cases.  In 2013, the department investigated over 550 missing persons / run-away juvenile cases.  Due to the outstanding work of our officers and detectives, every one of these cases resulted in the missing person(s) being recovered.  Additionally, our officers contacted dozens of persons that were reported missing from other jurisdictions and assisted in the return of these persons, as well.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no waiting period before accepting a missing person report.  If your child has run away or you believe that your loved one (whether elderly, disabled, or otherwise) is missing or endangered, please contact the Davie Police Department immediately to meet with an officer.

In certain cases, the police are given a very limited role when conducting missing person investigations regarding adult subjects.  It is not illegal for an adult to be “voluntarily” missing.  However, if there is a valid belief that foul play has been committed, or the missing adult is in some way endangered, or if the missing person is a juvenile, please contact the Davie Police Department immediately to file a report and begin an investigation.

Please visit the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Missing Endangered Persons Information Clearinghouse page for additional information and resources.

See the photo gallery of pictures to view a flyer for information about any of our open missing person cases (the flyers require Adobe Acrobat Viewer to view).  If you believe you may have information about a missing person, please contact the Davie Police Department at 954-693-8200.

Howard Gratteau

Howard Gratteau Missing Flyer Link

John Gelardi

John Gelardi Missing Flyer Link

John O'Connor

John O'Connor Missing Flyer Link

John Welty

John Welty Missing Flyer Link

Karen Moore

Karen Moore Missing Flyer Link

Lottie Wilson

Lottie Wilson Missing Flyer Link

Thomas Godwin

Thomas Godwin Missing Flyer Link