Property Protection Measures


Property protection measures, including retrofitting, should be taken with the onset of a flood or if your home is susceptible to flooding. Retrofitting is another consideration for flood protection. If flooding is likely, and time permitting, move essential items and furniture to the upper areas of your home. Keep materials like sandbags, plywood, plastic sheeting, and lumber handy for emergency waterproofing. This action will help to minimize the amount of property damage caused by floodwaters.

Retrofitting involves the modification of surrounding terrain and your home to reduce the risk of flooding. Surrounding terrain modifications include the installation of an earthen berm or small floodwall. Home modifications include raising the home, waterproofing the walls, and elevating electrical panel boxes, furnaces, water heaters, and washers and dryers to locations less likely to be flooded. If you need property protection or retrofitting advice, please contact the Engineering Department at 954-797-1113. FEMA grants, including Flood Mitigation Assistance and Repetitive Loss program, can be obtained to assist residents in retrofitting their homes. 

Please contact Administration at 954-797-1041 for more information or visit the FEMA Website.

High Winds

The Town of Davie is an area subject to tropical storms and hurricanes. In addition to flood mitigation, homeowners should take mitigation measures against high winds. These mitigation measures include the installation of storm shutters, shatter-resistant windows, and reinforced garage doors. Please visit Florida’s Department of Emergency Management Website, to get information on strengthening your home. Residents can also view local hurricane information by visiting our Hurricane Preparedness Section.

Updated April 26, 2023