2020 Drop Savers Water Conservation Poster Contest

Every year, the American Water Works Organization (AWWA) organizes the ‘DropSavers Water Conservation Poster Contest’. The goal is to create awareness about the importance of water in our daily lives and why conservation is important. There are 5 divisions, and within a division, schools compete against each other. Winners also have an opportunity to participate in the FSAWWA statewide. 
In the Town of Davie (TOD) six schools participated: Nova High school, Nova Middle school, Davie Elementary, Nova Eisenhower Elementary, Nova Blanche Forman Elementary and Somerset Academy Davie.
This is a great opportunity for Davie schools to showcase their students’ talents and commitment to education about preservation of our natural resources. 
There are 5 Divisions:
Division 1: K-1st grade
Division 2: Grade 2, 3
Division 3: Grade 4, 5
Division 4: Grade 6-8
Division 5: Grade 9-12

Winner Division 1, grade 1, Lilly, Somerset Academy Davie

Division 1_Town of Davie Utilities

Winner Division 2, grade 3, Faith, Somerset Academy Davie

Division 2_Town of Davie Utilities

Winner Division 3, grade 5, Lianna, Somerset Academy Davie

Division 3_Town of Davie Utilities

Winner Division 4, grade 7, Deanne, Nova Middle School

Division 4_Town of Davie Utilities

Winner Division 5, grade 11, Triniti, Nova High School

Division 5_Town of Davie Utilities

Honorable Mention Division 1, grade 1, Achellyne, Nova Blanche Forman Elementary


Honorable Mention Division 2, grade 3, Penelope, Nova Blanche Forman Elementary


Honorable Mention Division 4, grade 6, Olyvia, Nova Middle school


Honorable Mention Division 5, grade 10, Lina, Nova High School