What if one cart is not enough?

Everyone will be issued one green garbage cart (toter). One cart holds three (3) average 30-gallon bags and will be sufficient for most household garbage needs.

You can purchase up to four (6) additional carts.  The cost to purchase additional carts are as follows:

  • Additional Carts (monthly rate) – billed annually in advance by Coastal Waste & Recycling

Additional Cart: $4.75

Franchise Fee: $1.00

Additional Cart Total: $5.75 per cart

Please note that the additional cart fee is applicable to new and current residents who renewed services for the additional green garbage bin(s) with Waste Management (prior service provider) for October 2020 through September 2021. 

Residents who renewed services for the additional green garbage cart(s) in October 2020 or thereafter will begin to receive refunds from Waste Management for payments made from June through September 2021. Refunds are done automatically. Residents who have not received their refunds are asked to contact Waste Management at 954-974-7500.

For pricing and request, please contact Coastal Waste & Recycling at 954-580-1292, email davie@coastalwasteinc.com between 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturdays. 

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1. What will change about the residential collection service?
2. Will these changes impact residential and commercial customers?
3. Should I continue to recycle?
4. When are my garbage days of service?
5. How often will my garbage be collected?
6. What is a Waste-to-Energy facility?
7. What is renewable energy?
8. Why did Davie decide to transition recycling?
9. What are ferrous and non-ferrous metals?
10. Will I get a new container from Coastal Waste & Recycling?
11. When will I receive my new garbage cart?
12. If I have multiple 96-gallon carts, will they all be replaced?
13. Should I leave my garbage cart out for the entire month so that it can be swapped out?
14. Who should I contact if I have not received my new garbage cart during that timeframe?
15. What company provides solid waste services (bulk, trash, recycling, etc.) for the Town of Davie?
16. Where do I place my cart?
17. When should I leave out my cart?
18. Can I set additional garbage next to my cart?
19. What are the recycling changes under the new service provider?
20. Will residential customers still receive automated collection?
21. What is automated collection?
22. What are the advantages of an automated collection service?
23. What can be placed in my cart?
24. Are there any tips on how to pack my garbage cart?
25. How do I dispose of bulk?
26. How do I dispose of paint and other hazardous waste?
27. What if one cart is not enough?
28. What are the residential/single family service costs?
29. When is condo/multifamily pickup scheduled?
30. What is the solid waste rate for Condo/Multifamily and Commercial?
31. What are the solid waste compaction and open-top roll-off service rates?
32. Who replaces stolen or damaged carts?
33. Will the new service provider impact my monthly bulk pickup?
34. How do I set out my yard waste?
35. How do I pay for garbage and recycling?
36. Can I dispose manure in my garbage cart?
37. I want to sign up for commercial services, who should I contact?
38. Why did I get an increase in my Solid Waste Assessment on the FY 2021 Tax Bill?
39. Will my solid waste assessment increase or decrease due to this transition?