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Town of Davie Speaker Sign-in sheet

  1. Town of Davie Speaker Sign In Sheet
    If you wish to speak during the open public speak portion, which is reserved for the first thirty (30) minutes of the first Town Council meeting of every month, please complete this form prior to the Town Council meeting. Discussion is not permitted on items agendized for public hearing during the open public speak portion of the meeting. Speakers may also speak on the items on the agenda when the item is announced pursuant to the present policy. If you wish to speak on an item on the agenda please complete this form prior to the Town Council meeting.
  2. Members of the public wishing to submit a comment during the “Public Comment” portion of the meeting on any topic or on an item listed on the agenda, may submit their comments by email to (Comments may not exceed 400 words).
  3. You may also leave a voice message at (954) 797-1071. Voice messages may not exceed three (3) minutes. ALL comments will become part of the public record.
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  6. Please be advised that under Florida Law, this form is a public record and any person may request a copy of this document. By completing this form, you acknowledge that any personal information you provide is subject to inspection under Florida's Public Records Policy as stated in Chapter 119, Florida Statutes.
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